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Public Realms Strategy Response to the Development of Rotherham Town Centre
September the 8th, 2009

The Rotherham District Civic Society responded to the consultants' proposal for the redevelopment of Rotherham Town Centre.

Click here to download the response from The Rotherham District Civic Society in full.


Thank you for your letter dated 22nd December 2008. We welcome your comments regarding the three areas you have highlighted as possible smaller scale public realm projects that may provide significant enhancement to the town centre.

To clarify; the purpose of the public realm strategy is to bring about a transformational change to the image and identity of the public spaces in Rotherham Town Centre. Treatment of designated areas will not be wholesale but will be planned to coincide with the larger developments in their immediate vicinity, this will mean that certain areas will nc be due for treatment for several years. Thus the strategy will assist Urban Designers working on the Urban Renaissance Programme over the long term to attain an overall continuity and flow throughout the town.

Market Street / Domine Lane
The use of natural stone products is to be the basis for the redevelopment of this area witl an emphasis on flagstones, kerbs and setts. This will involve reclaiming and adding to the original stone setts that are becoming exposed.

The Red Lion Yard
This area is managed by The Red Lion Association and has not been adopted by the Council. The Association consists of property owners whose properties adjoin the yard. This group would need to instigate the development of the yard, which could be done creatively for example by bringing property owners whose cellar areas back onto the yard into the group and encouraging them to open their cellars which are above ground level out to the yard, this would create shopping areas on both sides of the yard. Unfortunately the group has lost momentum since the loss of the brewery from the area. More positively however, the area has seen a lot more pedestrian usage since the opening of the popular 'Pantry Green' cafe. In 2004/5 the Council tarmacced the yard as a gift to the property owners and have also assigned a Project Officer to look into progressing the refurbishment of this area. We believe the Red Lion Public House is due to reopen in the near future as the pub is currently undergoing refurbishment by its current tenant.

Effinqham Street Canopies
Canopies along Effingham Street are a feature that the Council's Town Centre Manager is keen to support. The Town Centre Manager has ensured that proposals to introduce the canopies have been written into the public realm strategy. These will therefore be considered when redevelopment of these areas is scheduled and funding for this scheme can be secured.

Input from the Civic Society is valued on all public realm projects. The twenty responses that you sent with regard to the draft strategy have been incorporated into the strategy and a final copy of the document will be sent to you when it is produced. Presently a 'sustainability appraisal' is being carried out on the document and when this has been completed the final version of the strategy will be published.

Yours sincerely
Karl Battersby Strategic Director