Rotherham District Civic Society
Protecting and preserving all that is best in the heritage of Rotherham
Rotherham Minster Gardens and Church View
September the 8th, 2009

The Rotherham District Civic Society welcomes the fact that one of the next stages of the Rotherham Renaissance project will focus upon the improvement of the surroundings of the Rotherham Minster.

Although the Society has a number of minor concerns, which have been raised with the Borough Council, it positively welcomes the fact that the first priority of the improvement works will be the floodlighting of the Minster. For too long, this architectural gem, recognised by English Heritage as one of the finest churches in the country, has been overlooked by the hustle and bustle of modern day life. The proposed scheme, and particularly the floodlighting works, will enable the Minster to regain its rightful place as a key feature of the Town Centre.

The Society also strongly supports the comments made by English Heritage, on the Council's Draft Planning Statement for the Town Centre, in which it recommends that close attention should be paid to the need to protect key views of the Rotherham Minster when bringing forward redevelopment proposals in the town centre.