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A Link Between Thrybergh and Charles Darwin
October the 3rd, 2009

Frederick Watkins was born in 1809.  He attended Shrewsbury School and Cambridge University with Charles Darwin.  After graduating Watkins took holy orders and spent some time in Bombay, India, where he married and his first child, Eliza, was born in 1844.  He moved to Thrybergh via Seacroft in Leeds and served as Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools in Rotherham, Yorkshire until 1874, when he became archdeacon of York, living at the Rectory, Long Marston, in 1881.  Of his nine children; Eliza ended up living on her own in Chandlers Ford; John became a Rector and Vicar, first in Leeds and then in Cambridgeshire; Agnew worked in an audit office; Frederick served in the Royal Engineers; Leonard was a captain in the Royal Artillery.  Frederick and his family lived in the Manor House until at least 1871.