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Threatened Buildings of Rotherham Number 1
April the 8th, 2011

Rotherham District Civic Society, working with Rotherham Heritage Association, is gathering information on the 'Threatened Buildings of Rotherham'.

We are writing to RMBC to enquire what it intends to do to protect the long term future of Keppels Column in Scholes.

Recently Fitzwilliam Estates has applied for planning permission to clean and restore the Needles Eye in Wentworth.  In the last few years they have cleaned and restored Hoober Stand.

In contrast Kepples Column remains a building under threat; it was gifted to RMBC when the Fitzwilliam Estates transferred ownership of Scholes village to the Council for a 1.  Since then a number of properties and plots of land have been sold for substantial amounts of money, but very little has been spent on the Column which deteriorates with each winter.

We ask whether there is a plan and if there is, what is it?

For details of the history and photographs of the Column, go to 'Newsletters' on this site.