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Goodbye to all that; Council Offices face the wrecking ball
April the 20th, 2011

The skyline of Rotherham town centre will change dramatically over the next few months, with the demolition of the Central Library, Crinoline House, the Civic Offices and Norfolk House.  Photographs of these buildings and their replacement, Riverside House, can be viewed in newsletters.

The Rotherham and District Civic Society believes that this is wrong move, even if it was just a question of sustainability at a time of big cuts to public services.  We believe that the Council should've refurbished the existing buildings and completed what was originally intended as a Municipal Square by demolishing Bailey House and building its replacement on the Norfolk House car park.

The council is now going to relocate all its staff and the library to Riverside House.  With a new football stadium due to be built at the back of that there will be massive congestion on Main Street and Don Street.

Unfortunately the Council had already signed the demolition contracts before the Government cut backs ended the Rotherham Renaissance vision of the future.

Do the people of Rotherham know or care?