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A Revitalised High Street
September the 18th, 2011
The plans put forward by Chris Hamby to buy and refurbish three old shops on High Street have the full support of Rotherham District Civic Society. The Society also congratulates the Metropolitan Borough Council for helping this to happen.

At the centre of the plans is the timber framed building, formerly called The Three Cranes Inn. This is the oldest secular building in the town centre, dating back to the late 15th century. Many of the original timbers remain and will provide a significant tourist attraction when restored.

A Revitalised High Street

The time is right for an investment of this sort with the moving of two thousand employees and the town library to the new Riverside House on Main Street. The reopening of the Imperial Buildings, the landscaping of the Minster Gardens and Minster Yard make this an area that people will want to visit and spend time in.