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Conservation Claims by RMBC are Inaccurate
July the 3rd, 2012

Recently, this Society wrote to Martin Kimber, to enquire why there had been no progress made in extending the Town Centre Conservation Area, which had been proposed three years ago.  An Officer of the Authority responded:

“The process to extend the Conservation Area has not yet been completed as work to progress preparation of Rotherham’s Local Plan (formerly the Local Development Framework) is currently taking priority.”

This sits uneasily with the statements made by the Authority in its recently published Core Strategy:

“Rotherham is a borough that wishes to be seen as serious and forward thinking about its heritage. As such, this is an increasingly important area of work for the Council.”

“Currently, Rotherham has 26 conservation areas. These have an element of protection through national planning legislation but are designated locally. The key characteristics of the borough's conservation areas are described in conservation area character summaries. It is intended to make these available on the Councils website. Work is currently being undertaken on more detailed Conservation Area appraisals and management plans which will then be used to identify and assess local character and promote enhancement. Work is also in progress to assess whether the designation of a further 12 conservation areas is appropriate.”

This Society believes that it is important that people elected and employed to do their best for us, should be honest with us.