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A New Book About Rotherham
October the 1st, 2012
‘The Old Packhorse Route ’
by Margaret Jackson
This book looks at the history of an important area of the town. The main thoroughfare was part of the old packhorse route to Tickhill, Bawtry and beyond with coaching inns, stables and blacksmiths. The 20th century gave way to new roads, Trams and Trolley buses, moving towards the transport of today.
Past and present merge with the hidden gems of Georgian style and Regency houses and the manorial site of Wellgate Hall and the Tythe Barn.
Schools, Chapels, the Temperance Movement, Public Houses and the inevitable slums all played their part in the tapestry of the 19th and 20th century.
We look at many of the surrounding roads and how they got their name as well as people of note who lived there. The wells and springs that gave Wellgate its name and how the domestic water we take for granted today came into being.
This book would not be complete without a nostalgic look at the shops which were household names, now gone, but certainly not forgotten.
[Cost £10.99]