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Creating a Local List
May the 23rd, 2015
Last year we lost an important local building to the demolition Companies; Doncaster Gate Hospital!  This year we want to protect buildings like that by creating a Local List.

At present, Listed Buildings and buildings in Conservation Areas receive protection, in that a strong case has to be made before changes to them are contemplated.  There are, however, a lot of buildings that receive no protection, but are important to people and give them a sense of place.  A good example would be the bell tower on the Maltby Grammar School building.  We want to create a Local List of buildings we would like protected; when we have produced a list we will take it to the Council and ask for it to be adopted.

The first thing to do is to check whether a building you like and want to keep is Listed.  All the 565 Listed buildings are contained on our website at 'documents'.  If it isn't there then it needs to be on the Local List, so contact us, via this website.