Rotherham District Civic Society
Protecting and preserving all that is best in the heritage of Rotherham
A Local List
July the 10th, 2015
This Society is creating a Local List of buildings important to the people of the town. Here are some already nominated:


Swinton Bridge School, Rowms Lane.- this is a lovely Victorian construction
with steeple roof .It is deteriorating and not in great condition. We
applied for it to be listed years ago but was told there were plenty of
Victorian schools surviving.

Don Pottery workshop - the last surviving building belonging to the Don
Pottery works sits aside the South Yorkshire Navigation Canal. It is used as
a workshop today. The building contains interesting features . The wooden
support beams have old carvings of former pottery workers names.

Carnegie Library, Station Street. - this fine building should be preserved.
It's history with the town is well documented.

Cliff field House,Station Street, (now called Swinton Grange Nursing Home)
was built by 1864 and used by the town's doctors for over a hundred years.
It contains some interesting original features.

The Masonic Hall, Station Street - this was the original Swinton Board
Office and later became the SUDC offices. It remained do for many years
until moving to Fitzwilliam a street , whereafter it was acquired by the
Masons. Contains some interesting features.

Constables Cottage, off church street, rear of Robin Hood Public House.-
this old cottage was originally provided for the parish Constable. It is
unique in that it has a heated wall in the garden. This is a wall with a gap
between where best travelled up from a fire at the end of the wall . It
aided growing tropical type plants in Victorian times.

SunnyMede cottage, Church Street, - this is an interesting old cottage
originating we believe from the 1600's. It is in good condition and needs

Remnants of Milton House, Milton Street- in the wall can be seen the window
ledges and doorway of what was Milton House. This very prominent house was
used by Dr Blythman and others in early Victorian times. We have photographs
of the house in situ.

Remnants of Swan with two Necks, public house, Fitzwilliam Street, - we have
a few photos of this pub in situ. The walls on the right where the doorway
and windows were can plainly be seen. We feel this is worthy of a plaque

The misnamed Roman Rigg ( dark ages earth works), this appears at a few
sites in the town's curtailage. A particular fine example exists in the
garden of the former home of Victor Wadddington. It is also in Creighton
Wood. It is the town's oldest structure.

The Gate House, Rockingham Pottery site. - there were two and one s
demolished. The original hinges of the factory gates can be seen attached to
the building.

Strawberry Cottage, Blackamoor Road. - the original paint shop for the
Rockingham Works.

Sisters Lych Gate.- off Woodman Roundabout. Worth preserving.


The old vicarage- now a private house it has been modernised retaining all
the original features. Stone flags , servants stairs, beams etc. Built

St Thomas Church- built 1859. Worthy of retention. The graveyard also
contains interesting monuments.

The Blunn Brothers Houses - these early prominent Victorian houses were
lived in by the Blunn Brothers who operated the Victoria Glass Works. 107
and 109 Victoria street.

Ship Inn Wharfe way- this pub was built at the time the South Torkshire
Navigation canal was constructed. A long history and important part of the
village fabric.

Kilnhurst Old Hall Farm. This hall complex goes back to the 1500's and
contains the original crest of arms of the landowners. Many of the original
outbuildings and features survive.


Moorgate Cemetery Chapel

Alma Tavern

Yates Haywood building

Natwest Bank Corporation Street

Llyods  Bank Corporation Street

Old Workhouse The Crofts

Remaining Pillar at entrance to South Grove

South Terrace Moorgate Street

Mecca Bingo Hall Corporation Street

Get in touch and add yours.