Rotherham District Civic Society


Protecting and preserving all that is best in the heritage of Rotherham

Registered Charity  No. 258831

Established 1968 (R)

Who Are We?


Rotherham District Civic Society stands for protecting and preserving all that is best in the heritage of Rotherham and improving the environment for the present and future generations.

What We Stand For

What We Stand For

We stand for protecting and preserving all that is best in the heritage of the town and district and improving the environment for the present future generations.


That is why we, as a group, try to ensure that local people have a voice in matters concerning a wide range of issues.


We act as a co-ordinator and consultative body by liaising with local authorities, planning committees and decision makers in the pursuit of the Society's objectives.


Who We Are

We are an entirely voluntary organisation of people who live and work in Rotherham Borough and are driven by a deep care for its past, present and future.


The Society is steered by an Executive Committee which is elected at the annual AGM in April and brings together a wide range of skills and experience, from lthe wider community.


Do you have a skill or passion about the place where you work, play and live?

Why not come along to a meeting to find out more about the work of the society and join us.


Rotherham District Civic Society
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To ensure that people appreciate the built environment of the town; to campaign to ensure that if a building has to be demolished, that what replaces ...

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Corporate Membership

As a business you may want to have your say on how decisions are made to improve the locality and secure the rich heritage of Rotherham.


Blue Plaques

A blue plaque is a permanent sign  installed in a public place to commemorate a link between that location and a famous person, event, or a former building on the site, serving as a historical marker,


If you care about Rotherham and share our concerns to make Rotherham an even better place to live, work or do business and attract visitors then why not become a member of the Society.


Our fundamental principles and core values.

Proud to be members of

New Blue Plaque Booklet

Complimentary Booklet when renewing or taking out new membership.


The Society has been busy in these unprecidented times  with five blue plaques unveiled since September 2020

Details of each blue plaque can be found in our new Discovering Rotherham booklet.

The latest blue plaque was erected on Thursday 19th August 2021 at 2.00pm.

Tony Grice, who is the Greave of the Feoffees unvieled the Charity School Blue Plaque.

This marks the 23rd blue plaque the Society has erected within the Borough..

Bluecoats 1
Bluecoats 6
Bluecoats 2
Bluecoats 3
Bluecoats 5

All New Members joining the society will be eligible to receive their complimentary copy of Discovering Rotherham - "The Blue Plaque Trail".

Membership enquiries either by phone or email

Contact Bernard Fletcher on 07879048660

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"Securing our past for the future"


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